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If you would like a home visit so I can accurately measure your rooms for carpet, vinyl or laminate please feel free to contact me via our contact page or call directly on: 07866 458885


I am also happy to bring along samples of flooring for you to view in your own home so you can see what looks right for you.

Adaptations: Able to uplift an existing carpet you have and put into another room, as long as it fits your new room. Ideal for carpets that aren't very old and save yourself some money.

Re-Fit Existing Carpets: If you have had some building work around the home and need a fitter to come and lay the carpet back down professionally, I can also offer this service.

Collect & Fit Pre Paid Carpets: If you have bought a carpet from a franchise and need it fitted, I can collect it for a small fee and fit your new carpet professionally.

Can Supply Materials Only: If you are just after some materials such as grippers and underlay so you can fit the carpets yourself I can order these materials in, good rates with a fast service.

Move light furniture: As I will be working most of the time on my own I am only able to move small furniture on my own. But larger furniture may be better moved by yourself's or with help by me.


When it comes to giving your home a facelift, carpets are a great place to start. That’s because carpets as flooring are a quick and convenient way to give a boost to a whole room.

Carpets come in many different styles and patterns, of course, but carpets also come in different carpet types which are all useful for different kinds of flooring situations.

Wool carpets are the traditional carpet choice, being hardwearing and very soil resistant carpets. These carpets look good for a long time, and sometimes come with synthetic materials blended into them for extra carpet durability.

Synthetic carpets come in a number of kinds, with carpets stocked by E Z Flooring made of both polypropylene and polyamide. Carpets made of polypropylene are a fantastic carpeting choice in areas where there may be a lot of spills on the flooring, because these carpets are manufactured in such a way that they can even be cleaned with a solution of bleach.

Polyamide carpets make great flooring because they are both tough and available in bright colours and lively patterns.

You can choose your carpets and flooring in several types of pile, too – that’s the part of the carpet that sticks up and gives the carpet texture.

Carpet made of twisted yarn is called Twist pile, and carpets in this kind of finish are very popular at the moment. Berber carpets have a smoother finish because the carpets are made of loops of yarn, creating a modern, contemporary flooring finish.

Some carpets such as Saxony are made of trimmed-off tufts, giving the carpet pile of different lengths, while some carpets combine both cut and loop pile to give a textured flooring finish.

That’s a lot of different carpets to choose from – but we can help you make the carpet choice that is right for your home and your lifestyle.


Since laminates were first introduced a number of years ago, laminate flooring has become a huge favourite in our homes.

There is a number of reasons for that. Laminates are a low-cost alternative to real wood flooring, which makes laminates an affordable choice for many buyers, while looking great in any room of your house.

Laminates are also extremely hard-wearing, which means laminates go on looking good even in the most well-walked areas of your home such as doorways. Laminates are also a good option if you have children, because good laminate flooring is well up to the task of being played on!

Laminates are given their extra durability because of the way laminates are manufactured. Laminates are made up of a synthetic, flexible but tough base, layered with a strong decorative sheet of material over the top to create the impression of wood.

At E Z Flooring, we’ve made some careful selections of the best laminates available to bring to our customers laminates that benefit from V-groove technology. That means our laminate flooring selections look extra-authentic – and many of our laminates are also finished with a technique called hand scrapping that gives the feel of wood, too.

You don’t need to work hard to keep your laminate flooring in good shape, although it’s always a good idea to sweep or vacuum laminates regularly to avoid a build-up of gritty particles on the surface. Laminates can be mopped, and do not need to be waxed.

Laminate flooring is simple to install, and laminates can bring instant chic to a room by creating an attractive yet neutral backdrop for your furniture and accessories. Please get in touch and ask about our range of laminates, carpets and vinyl's to get the best advice to suit your home and your family’s lifestyle.


We’ve loved vinyl flooring in our homes for years, and it’s easy to see why. Vinyl is a very tough solution for some of the most demanding rooms in the home, while vinyl is also a remarkably handsome and versatile product that can add to any décor.

So what exactly is vinyl? We all know vinyl is a smooth flooring for areas of hard wear, but did you know vinyl is made of polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC?

This material is tremendously strong and resistant to staining, which makes vinyl a great flooring in places such as kitchens and bathrooms – and you can even use vinyl flooring in children’s bedrooms, where brightly-patterned vinyl is fun and funky as well as being ideal flooring that just wipes clean.

We always carry a wide range of vinyl stock, because vinyl is an ever-popular product with our customers. They appreciate that vinyl flooring will last them for years, and provide a useful contrast to the laminate flooring or carpets that they have in their homes.

Vinyl has also become pretty trendy in recent years, because its PVC material is ideal for printing with crisp, attractive designs.

And of course, vinyl is water resistant, which makes vinyl the idea flooring in wet areas such as bathrooms, where it can be simply mopped dry to look good again and again.

Vinyl is also a very affordable flooring solution when compared to tiling, because vinyl takes very little preparation and is simple to fit. Vinyl is great if you are looking to give a quick and instant facelift to your kitchen or bathroom, brightening it up and making it look smart at the same time.

If you need advice on vinyl flooring, we are always on hand to answer all of your questions

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